Rational and Irrational Thoughts

Thank God for Experiments That Work

I’ve always loved the Maynard Ferguson big band version of La Fiesta (Arr. by Jerry Johnson) with the killing Alan Zavod Fender Rhodes solo. Through the miracles of the interwebs, the conductor’s score for that very arrangement made it into my hands and my crazy thought was, how would this sound with the B3 playing the part of the big band, Dave Peterson playing the Zavod solo and me playing the various lead melody parts? So I plopped scores down on the stand at our Boxley’s gig Friday night and the outcome was very positive for me and at least one audience member who shouted “let’s hear more experiments please”. Greg, who had played a similar chart with Woody’s band, did a great job of propelling us into that euphoric 70s high-energy jazz love-in thing. I’m encouraged to do more experiments.

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