Young Lizards Press Kit


“For those who miss the transcendent sound of the jazz organ, especially in an evocative context, Our Modern Lifestyle should give rise to enchanting memories as it provides hours of listening pleasure.” – Jack Bowers, All About Jazz …Full Article

Musikalisches Resultat dieser höchst unterschiedlichen Provenienzen ist swingender, groovender Sound, der John Coltranes „Mr. Day“ ebenso souverän prägt wie „“Three views of a secret“ von Jaco Pastorius oder „Katrina Ballerina“ von Woody Shaw. — Jazz Podium Verlag… Full Article

“Solid, solid, solid: alto saxophonist Chris Fagan has put together a crisp and convincing set, in which the balanced contributions of repertoire and players create a steady stream of small twists and surprises that sustain interest throughout.” – Bill Bennet, Jazz Times …Full Article

“(Fagan’s) playing has bite–sometimes he almost spits notes out–but it flows, too, and he swings, even when mixing it up in free exchanges with (Bobby) Bradford.” – Kevin Whitehead, NPR, Pulse! …Full Article

“I’ve heard a number of big-name players with big-label recording contracts who didn’t impress me nearly as much as Chris Fagan….In fact, the last alto saxophonist who caused me to sit up and take such emphatic notice was a youngster named Richie Cole…” – Jack Bowers, Jazz Now …Full Article

“… juicy piquant tone on alto, a brisk, non-cliched sense of phrasing and a dynamite feel for swing” – Paul de Barros, Seattle Times …Full Article


The Young Lizards are a Seattle jazz-collective super-group aimed at taking over the world with their accessible yet complex harmonic grooves. They have transformed the traditional jazz organ quartet by venturing into the rich, contemporary sounds of tunes such as Jaco Pastorius’ Three Views of a Secret and compositions by John Coltrane, Joe Henderson and Woody Shaw and even originals. The creative progeny of Seattle based saxophonist, Chris Fagan, The Young Lizards bring the Hammond B3 organ and drums to the forefront as a driving, orchestral wave of sound on which the sax and guitar soloists ride. …Download Full Bio


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