Rational and Irrational Thoughts

Just play the “suggested solo” for now…

I have a theory that methods for teaching improvisation (beyond the broader jazz music idiom) arrived late in the history of jazz education. There were high school jazz bands before there were Aebersold albums, and reams of multi-media how-to materal on chord progressions, modes, the Lydian Chromatic Concept etc. Remember how the jazz big band charts … Continue reading

What I Said About You

Pottersaurus versus the rest of the world

Loving Pottersaurus is something everyone loves to do…unless you’ve proudly evolved into hating Pottersaurus. The less imaginative of us are starting to sound like Pottersaurus and there are probably classes at Berklee now on how to sound like Pottersaurus.  But yes, what’s not to love? Pottersaurus has truly inspired us and expanded our idea of … Continue reading