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Photo Shoot: didn’t die of embarrassment after all

Thanks to outstanding drummer and photographer Steve Korn, I did not die of embarrassment at the photo session for our CD cover. Steve, a quiet thoughtful person himself, booked a comfy, isolated room so we didn’t end up feeling like gorillas at the zoo with gawking passersby watching as we tried to look ‘smooth, relaxed, heavy’ etc, or whatever jazz musicians are supposed to look like.

I define success as having at least one usable photo out of the 300 plus we took, and this time I believe we have prevailed.
At lunch afterwards, I got Dave to give us a first-hand account of his gig with Chet Baker from many years ago. A youngster on the scene, Dave showed up at the rehearsal with a bad case of the jitters, wanting very badly to appear competent in his first meeting with the jazz legend. When Chet showed up, things immediately took on a low key vibe.
He had arrived with a travel bag containing a mouthpiece, shaver and a few charts. No trumpet. Marv Thomas, Parnell’s current owner had to go out and rent a trumpet for the gig.

It takes a village to get Dave ready.

2 thoughts on “Photo Shoot: didn’t die of embarrassment after all

  1. I believe care was taken to get the borrowed trumpet back after the gig 🙂 I had to leave out some minor details that would have come under the category of speaking ill of the deceased….

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