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Irritating little impediments to ME becoming famous

Did I say “ME”?…..I meant “us”…because there is no “me” in “famous”;)  So we are working on the production end of a new CD, meaning the tracks are selected, EQ’d and mixed and now it’s just all that other stuff like artwork, liner notes, etc. All the stuff that I hate to do and aren’t much good at such as:

1/ Artwork. No this isn’t the album cover but other shots from the same shoot (which I consider successful thanks to Steve Korn) will fit the bill.  Status: complete.

2/ Liner notes. On earlier albums, I skimped on the liner notes. I figured since I don’t read them, nobody else needs to. Then Jack Bowers of Jazz Now wrote “I’ve heard a number of big-name players with big-label recording contracts who didn’t impress me nearly as much as Chris Fagan, whoever he is.” (full article) Then he went on to chide me for not having liner notes.  Jazz Dinosaur will write some notes designed to pre-empt knee-jerk comparisons to other artists that reviewers inevitably make.  Status:  complete

3/ Name for band.  For lack of any inspiration, the name has been defaulting to “Fagan’s Organ Quartet”  or “FOQ” which I consider inappropriate on a couple of levels.  Status: incomplete (input from the community welcome)

4/ Name for album.  I’m proposing “Our Modern Lifestyle”.  A reference would be made in the cover art to the knobs and tubes inside the Organ’s Leslie speaker cab which would create an irony with the word “modern”.  Status: incomplete (pending feedback from the band.  Community input welcome.)

That’s all. Once we resolve those, we can release the CD and fame will be ours.  See you at the top;)

2 thoughts on “Irritating little impediments to ME becoming famous

  1. I like “Our Modern Lifestyle”

    The FOQ acronym can’t be used on the radio without sounding like F*&k. Seeing “Fagan’s Organ” together gives me the same sort of heartburn. They won’t think I’m talking about my liver. Hey, if you like it, I’ll count one vote for leaving it the way it is.

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