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Chris Fagan/Dave Peterson Quartet, Live at Hiroshi’s

Hello Seattle Friends, the Chris Fagan/Dave Peterson Quartet will be appearing tomorrow (Friday, February 3rd) at Hiroshi’s from 7:30 to 10:00 pm. As always, the cover charge is zero, the food is excellent, and the company superb. We will be playing some exciting modern jazz including original tunes by the talented Dave Peterson. Did I … Continue reading

Rational and Irrational Thoughts

Are Record Contracts Worth the Rolling Paper They Are Written On?

Hello Folks. The Economist gives us a wonderful article this week telling us of poverty-stricken record labels that can’t sign anything but a sure thing (with healthy, growing followings and robust merchandise sales) and laid-off A&R folks that have not been rehired back into the profession since the meteor hit the music business in 1999*. … Continue reading

Rational and Irrational Thoughts

Avoiding Extinction vol. III: The New Tools of the Trade (stone tools now obsolete)

The new tools of the trade are both bewildering and useful. Bewildering in terms of the amount of time and bandwidth a person could spend creating profiles, initializing widgets, uploading media, analyzing stats and so on. Useful in terms of creating impressions (although who knows how deep or lasting) among the multitude of thrifty jazz … Continue reading