Cherry Tree in Back Yard

Cherry Tree in Yard Now Television Table

Hello folks,

Thank you for your overwhelming response to my request to boost my recordings with the major online services last week. Incredibly, the algorithm is even MORE aware that I exist and is serving up my tunes to humans far and wide. My numbers are popping and the royalties are rolling in.

To express my gratitude, I’m doing a follow on to what has been by far my most popular post, attracting thousands of viewers daily from all over the globe. No, not to listen to my jazz….but to check out the transformation of a large cherry tree that had once stood in my yard to some nice furniture I made.

As you may remember this is where it all started. Although we tried to save the tree, much of it had died and was now falling into our neighbor’s yard

Rather than sending the logs away to be turned into firewood or wood chips, we built a little vehicle to carry the logs (estimated to weigh 700lbs apiece) to the truck and then off to a sawmill.

Here’s the sawmill. A mobile set up operated by a guy out on Vashon Island

Drying the wood is necessary of course. This took place in our basement for a year and a bit.

Then the fun part. Turning it into flat, smooth, usable lumber using a ban saw, jointer, planer, and table saw.

Then into something useful. Perhaps to provide a solution to a longstanding problem.


…..and AFTER:

…and you remember the other two pieces, the table and bench which are serving us well

Thanks for dropping by.



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