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Hello Folks,

The Lizards album “charted” at 70 this week which pleased us very much. If you follow the link, you will see that the numbers in the jazz world are not huge. #1 received only 220 spins for the week. Nonetheless, we feel validated by showing up. I’m out there trying to book gigs for a spring tour so when I’m asked “who the hell are you?”, I can make conversation. Thanks again to Vince Outlaw at KSDS, Kayonne Riley at WUCF, and Ed Love at WDET, some of our faithful radio friends

Our friend Ed at was very forthcoming about the radio tracking process and gave us some interesting insight into the numbers. apparently there are about 1500-2000 jazz releases per year and about 700 of those chart. To get to the top 200, you only need about 14 spins in a week at one of the reporting stations. Note that if you are at the bottom of the chart this week, you are in good company. The Yellow Jackets are tied for #194 with seven others!

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