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More Sax Mouthpiece Geek Talk Part II

Here’s a recording of the same tune with the Selmer Short Barrel I wrote about in the previous post. It was a C* originally and opened up to a E or and F by a mouthpiece dude here in the Northwest named Bob Carpenter. I can’t remember what the tip opening is. This mouthpiece has zero resistance. Really easy to blow and great mobility. I notice the tone is even throughout the range. It can’t compete with a rhythm section in a live performance without a mic. This is the first time I’ve recorded it and to me it sounds super mellow. Altissimo is not so easy but the low notes come out like butter.

2 thoughts on “More Sax Mouthpiece Geek Talk Part II

  1. You sound fantastic on the Selmer mthpc, Chris.
    One has to stay right on mic with that setup, just like Joe Hen did. It’s a great sound.

  2. I think you’re getting more dynamic range and expressive nuance out of the easier-to-blow Selmer mouthpiece. Nothing wrong with using a mic in performance, IMO, esp. with a full rhythm section.

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