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The Imperfect “Democracy”

For you folks that are tuning in from Canada, Europe, and beyond, let me just say YES, I knew the United States was messed up, but not just how messed up until the unthinkable happened four years ago. Months after the nightmare has ended, I still give thanks every day that the democracy, imperfect as it is, was strong enough to eliminate that uniquely unqualified individual from the post of “leader of the free world.”

Here are a few numbers that illustrate just how sick we are as a society. 61 percent of white men voted for the corrupt, narcissistic, orange person, even after all we saw him do in the last four years. And even after all the disrespect our so-called democracy has heaped on Black women over the centuries, 90 percent of them still turned out and voted for Biden. They saved us and maybe the world. (Source CNN Politics)

Anyway, here is a tribute I recorded when it was clear that the nightmare was finally ending. (Visit my YouTube channel for more recordings.)

One thought on “The Imperfect “Democracy”

  1. But don’t forget: It was the same democracy that brought Trump into the White House!
    And while this particular nightmare may seem to be over, all of its causes are still there and obviously getting worse from year to year.

    This nation needs a relaunch and a different view on its unleashed capitalism which is using democracy as a Trojan Horse for such a long time.

    Btw: I liked your tribute!

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