Gigs and Recordings

North Bend Jazz Walk 2015!

Hello Pacific Northwest Jazz Friends, Jazz D I will be playing at this year’s 2015 North Bend Jazz Walk on Saturday, March 14th, 2015 from 7 to 10 pm. The jazz walk you will remember features dozens of Northwest jazz stars (like me) at over 20 venues, all for one low, low price. Kind of like speed-dating for jazz music. Joining me will be jazz drummer emeritus, Brian Kirk who appeared on one of my earlier albums Signs of Life . We will surely perform some of those tunes from that album. Also joining me will be the awe-inspiring young talent, Jeff Norwood on bass. For you Young Lizards fans, I did attempt to bring B3 organist Ty Bailie back for the gig but he is currently touring with Katy Perry and sends his regrets. Brian, Jeff and I will be performing at the Swirl at 426 Main Ave S., North Bend, WA 98045. Please note that I’ve posted a link to FREE ACCESS to mp3s of our latest Lizard album, “Freebird and Other Jazzy Things” right here. Boxley's - Chris Fagan - Jazz Thanks and I hope to see and chat with you then!

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