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Revised #Music For Low Budget #Jazz Quartet

Hello folks,

My inspiration for a post this week is at an all-time-low so please enjoy this cut instead.

This tune is called “Revised Music For Low Budget Jazz Quartet” by guitarist/composer David White. Dave will correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this tune was inspired by a Paul Hindemith composition and weaves in and out of the classical and jazz genres. I think it may fairly be described as “third stream” music proposed by Gunther Schuller back in the 50s. The “Low Budget Jazz 4-tet” in question is Big Neighborhood featuring David on guitar, Phil Parisot on Drums, Doug Miller on Bass, and myself on alto sax. We recorded this album back in 2005 and released on Origin Records.

The jazz improvising in this tune begins about 3 minutes in and is worth the wait. I’m really pleased with the way the bass and guitar solos came out, and even pleased with my own solo (which doesn’t happen often). Phil gets some drum space at the end to play us out in a modern sounding extended tag. If you like it, the disc and mp3s are still available on the Origin Records website or on iTunes.

Hearing it again brings me back to the many rehearsals it took to pull together Dave’s and Doug’s highly contrapuntal music in the often non-standard forms and time signatures those guys used so much. Thanks for dropping by.

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