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Recap of the 9th Annual Ponyboy Records Jazz Picnic.

Hello folks,

It was great to see those of you who attended the 9th Annual Ponyboy Records Jazz Picnic.  Hop on over to the Ponyboy Facebook Page and start bugging Greg to upload more pictures of the many Pacific Northwest jazz celebrities that performed at the event.  The event was an all-around success, although my wife was disappointed that there were no actual ponies at the event.  We did have tons of great music, no rain, and some actual early autumn…I won’t say warmth but…lack of coldness.  Also a special thank you goes to Valarmo’s Pizzeria for sponsoring our segment of the show!

The Lizards and I enjoyed our performance tremendously, in part because of the large appreciative audience, and in part because it gave us another chance to perform the new material we will record at Studio X later this month.

The Lizards were also pleased to have joining us, a robust horn section consisting of Mike West (ts), Greg Lyons (trp), and Mike Tooley (bone) on Greg’s arrangement of the the classic Wayne tune, Yes or No.

Stay tuned folks and I will try to point you to some pictures as of the show as they come out.

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